Xatar – “Архивация, кластеризация, трансгуманизация” [2010]

Artist: Xatar
Title: Архивация, кластеризация, трансгуманизация
Genre: Noise
Country: Russia
Year: 2010

Track List:

  1. Асимметричная демодуляция (Dissymetric Demodulation)
  2. Плетёные тропы оптоволоконной прогредиентности (Wattled Tracks Of Fibre-Optical Progression)
  3. Пересекая бесконечность информационных магистралей (Intersecting Infinity Of Information Superhighways)
  4. Трансгуманизация (Transhumanization)
  5. Забыться…и видеть сны (To Be Forgotten… and To Have Dreams – bonus track)

One-man noise project from Balabanovo (Russia). I found out about Xatar because of Wikipedia, where he’s an active contributor. This release is mostly minimalistic noise – not great, but would be insteresing to you if you’re into both noise/industrial music and cyberpunk stuff. I must say the translation of the track titles to English is rather poor, but nevertheless it’ll give you an idea of what Xatar’s music is about.

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