Junji Arias vs Dave Lamar (Video) | The Voice of the Philippines Battle Rounds

Check out the video of the battle between Junji Arias and Dave Lamar in The Voice of the Philippines which was aired Sunday, August 4.

Junji Arias vs Dave Lamar | The Voice of the Philippines Battle Rounds

Junji Arias and Dave Lamar of Team Sarah faced off in what could be the most interesting song choice of the night—the anthemic Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen. And that was the perfect battle song! Both were electrifying, with Dave matching his rival’s energy but Junji was the man, so he’s the one advancing to the live shows.

Here’s the video of Junji Arias versus Dave Lamar in The Voice PH Battle Rounds:

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Real Bronx Tours Takes White Tourists on Bronx Ghetto Tours, Includes ‘PickPocket Park’

BRONX GHETTO TOURS:  New York City politicians are fuming over a Bronx bus tour that promises “a ride through a real New York City GHETTO,” the New York Post reports. The Real Bronx Tours takes riders, mostly white Europeans and Australians, on a trip that includes “stops at food-pantry lines” and a “pickpocket park” three times a week, the newspaper reports.

Last week, on the first stop of the $ 45 tour, guide Lynn Battaglia, from Pittsburgh, pointed out a housing project. She then mocked the Grand Concourse, modeled after a Parisian boulevard. “Do you feel like we’re on the Champs-Elysées?” she teased a couple from Paris.


The bus stopped in front of St. Mary’s Park, where she credited Mayor Rudy Giuliani for curbing crime.

“If it were 1980 and you said to me, ‘Lynn, I want to die.’ My answer would be, ‘You’re in the right neighborhood,’ ” she said.

She suggested the park is still dangerous.

“I might encourage you to walk with a New Yorker, not because you’re going to get shot, just because sometimes people take advantage if they know you’re a tourist, either charge you too much or maybe someone would pick your pocket,” she said. Source

The Hinterland Gazette

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Jericho Rosales, Kim Jones Engaged | Actor Proposes to Model-host Girlfriend

Actor Jericho Rosales is now engaged with girlfriend Kim Jones. Jericho reportedly proposed to Kim on Sunday, August 4 at the New Life Christian Center in Alabang.
Kim Jones showing off the engagement ring Jericho gave her when the actor proposed on her birthday
In an interview with The Buzz on Sunday, Jericho Rosales shared how he proposed to his Filipino-British model-host girlfriend after about two years of being together.
“I just had that feeling in my heart na I have to propose sa Church. It cannot be like kaming dalawang lang. I felt like I had to propose in front of people na hindi konektado sa akin. [The Church] allowed it,” Jericho said as reported by ABS-CBN News.
“I went up onstage, the pastor called me. He was talking about how much God loves us. And then pag-akyat ko, I opened up with ‘Why me? Why does God love me after everything that I have done in life? He has an unconditional love for us.’ And then the next question was why me pa rin but take out the letter H and add another M: W-Y-M-M-E, which means will you marry me,” he added.
Jericho also shared his happiness on Instagram where he posted a picture of Kim (above photo) wearing her engagement ring. He also thanked Kim for accepting his proposal of forever.
“Ok here’s the real one. I love you, Miss Jones. You are the love of my life. Thank you for saying YES (to forever) to me. Happy birthday! God is amazing! Yeeeeeehaaa! We are engaged!!!!” the caption said.
There’s no official wedding date yet for Echo and Kim but the couple is planning to tie the knot in the beach.
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Attorney Julius Chambers, Charlotte NC Civil Rights Leader, Dies at Age 76

julius l. chambers 300x199 Attorney Julius Chambers, Charlotte NC Civil Rights Leader, Dies at Age 76

Attorney Julius Chambers, Charlotte NC Civil Rights Leader, Dies at Age 76 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIP:  Charlotte civil rights lawyer Julius Chambers died late Friday at at age 76. Chambers, who was a lifelong crusader for equal rights and justice, played an integral role in the integrating of Charlotte-Mecklenburg public schools.

The 1971 ruling in the Swann vs. the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education case, named for six-year-old James Swann, son of a Johnson C. Smith professor, mandated crosstown busing. The hotly resisted mandate did more than end segregation here. It highlighted the power of federal courts to intervene when local public school systems dawdled on their way to full integration. Chambers took eight cases to the Supreme Court – including the Swann case – and won every one.


Julius LeVonne Chambers was born in Mount Gilead on Oct. 6, 1936. His father, William Chambers – “Shine” to customers whose Model T Fords he had washed – owned a garage-general store out from Mount Gilead, about 15 miles southeast of Albemarle. His mother, Mathilda Braton Chambers, helped out in the store and raised their four children, of whom Julius was third.

In 1949, 13-year-old Julius was looking forward to following his two older siblings 100 miles east to the private Laurinburg Institute. But one April day, fighting back tears, Chambers told his son that the $ 2,000 he’d saved to send him off to school was gone, thanks to a white customer whose 18-wheeler Chambers had maintained and repaired for months, buying parts out of his own pocket.

That morning, the man had refused to pay the bill and jeered as he drove off with the rig. William Chambers spent the afternoon going door to door, asking for help from the few white lawyers in town, each of whom turned him away.

That was the day Julius Chambers vowed to study law. Source: Charlotte Observer

The Hinterland Gazette

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DeKalb County GA CEO Burrell Ellis Indicted by Grand Jury

BREAKING NEWS: DeKalb County GA CEO Burrell Ellis indicted by Grand Jury. More details coming soon.

The Hinterland Gazette

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The Voice PH Battle Rounds Results (August 3): Thor, Yuki, Angelique, Diday Won Battles

The Battle Rounds of The Voice of the Philippines continues on Saturday (August 3) and another four pairs performed, battling head-to-head for a slot at the live shows.

The Voice of the Philippines - The Battles

First up was Team Apl’s Thor Dulay and Sir Lord Lumibao, who brought the house into a whole new level with Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make Love To You. It was very apparent that Thor was the one at ease with the genre but Sir Lord amazingly did good with the song, fusing rock with RnB. The epic battle ended in favor of Thor Dulay, as most of us expected. [Battle video]

Japs Mendoza and Diday Garcellano, both artists of Team Lea, performed Daylight of Maroon 5. Japs was quite off during the first part of the battle but when the chorus came, the two played great music. That contrast in their voices made the performance worth watching. Coach Lea has spoken up and she chose Diday, yet still aware of Japs’ capability as an artist. [Battle video]

Team Sarah’s Yuki Ito and Kathreen Castro faced off in the popular Kuh Ledesma song Sino ang Baliw. Yuki started his theatricality sitting on the stairs while Kathreen commenced atop the stage. The battle of Yuki and Kathreen was not smooth-sailing yet their presence was commendable. In the end, coach Sarah Geronimo chose Japinoy Yuki Ito to advance to the live shows. [Battle video]

Angelique, Deb and Nicole were the first to perform among the four triangle fights in The Voice PH. The trio of Team Bamboo sang Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain. Coach Bamboo said that on any given night, it could have been any of the three. However, despite loving the voice of Deb and the improvement in Nicole, he eventually picked Angelique, who according to him has the potential. [Battle video]

Tomorrow, the Battle Rounds will proceed with another set of pairs from the four teams. Who will make it to the live shows next? Find out on The Voice of the Philippines, Saturdays after MMK and Sundays after Rated K.

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War Machine – “Unknown Soldier” [1986]

Artist: War Machine
Title: Unknown Soldier
Country: UK
Release date: 1986

Track List:

  1. Sacred Hold
  2. On the Edge
  3. Power
  4. No Time
  5. Dangerous
  6. Can’t Wait
  7. No Place to Hide
  8. Warrior

War Machine were a female-fronted heavy metal band from Newcastle, formed in 1983 and released only one LP in 1986. There was at least one more band under this name, playing industrial metal, whose demo tracks were available off the “old” mp3.com ~10 years ago – but right now I’m talking about the UK band, which is really remarkable. The main peculiarity of their music are the vocals, performed by Bernadette Mooney. Her “crying” manner of singing creates an incredibly gloomy atmosphere, not typical for the majority of NWOBHM bands, but well consistent with War Machine’s lyrical themes (war and devastation). It’s up to you to decide if you like this kind of vocals or not (honestly, it’s a bit over the top even for me), but that’s what is making this album really unique.

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Meet the New Cast of Goin’ Bulilit | Nine New Kids Join the Fun Every Sunday

ABS-CBN’s longest-running kiddie gag show, “Goin’ Bulilit” strengthens its campaign for fun-filled and wackier Sunday nights starting this week as it welcomes nine kids as part of its cast.
“Most of the kids are only five years old so the viewers can expect spontaneous antics from these cute bulilits” says Ricky Victoria, Creative Manager of “Goin’ Bulilit.”
The new Goin' Bulilit Kids
The show has been tickling the young and young-at-heart for more than eight years now. When it marked its anniversary last February, another batch of grown-up kids ‘graduated’ from the program. This group included Kobi Vidanes, Joseph Andre Garcia, Aaron Juntas, Alexa Ilacad and Angel Sy.
In the same month, auditions were held to discover a new batch of child stars that will complete the cast lineup. Thousands of kids flocked in the auditions, from which only 12 children were chosen.
Victoria says, “After a series of meticulous workshops, the list was narrowed down to nine kids.”
Victoria also says that the kids were chosen on the basis of their acting, singing and dancing skills, as well as natural ‘charm’ and ‘charisma.’
The remaining cast of Goin' Bulilit
Child actor JB Agustin, main star of the recently-concluded top-rating fantasy series “Little Champ” will also join the show, together with Aldred Nasayao, CX Navarro, Lance Lucido, Aaliyah Belmoro, Allyson Mcbride, Ashley Sarmiento, Jillian Aguila and Kazumi Porquez.
Meanwhile, join this coming Sunday’s (June 9) episode of “Goin’ Bulilit” features a back-to-school theme packed with campus-oriented gags and sketches. Don’t miss “Goin’ Bulilit” every Sunday on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “TV Patrol Weekend.”
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Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Sex Video Scandal Hits the Web

Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri Naig are newest victims of a sex video scandal which was uploaded on the web. 
Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Video Scandal Surfaces Online [Photo courtesy of Chito Miranda via Instagram]
Just recently, a video of Chito and Neri is now circulating online. The said video allegedly features the couple while making out. The video scandal became an instant hot topic among netizens and screencaps of the said sex video is now making rounds in the internet.
Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri, who is an alumna of ABS-CBN talent search Star Circle Quest, were saddened by the posting of their intimate video. On Instagram, Chito apologized to all who has been badly affected by the scandal.
“We are truly saddened by the fact na may nag-leak na private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig. Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin sa mga pamilya namin for this unfortunate incident. Thank you for your prayers,” Chito said in the uploade image.
Chito said on Twitter that he was robbed and among those stolen was his hard drive where private videos and several other images and files were stored.
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Satyrian – “Eternitas” [2006]

Artist: Satyrian
Title: Eternitas
Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2006

Track List:

  1. Eternitas
  2. Invictus
  3. Feel the Rush
  4. My Legacy
  5. The Dark Gift
  6. Sacred Lies
  7. Bridge of Death
  8. Fall from Grace
  9. No Tears, No Embrace
  10. The Haunted Lovers
  11. This Dream
  12. Ewigkeit

Satyrian are a self-proclaimed “international gothic rock band combining dark atmospheric lyrics with wave, rock, classical orchestration, piano, and heavy guitars” (the band members are originally from different countries, but all of them currently reside in the Netherlands). “Eternitas” is their first and currently the only full-length release. I’d recommend it to those who’s searching for some “unorthodox” gothic metal, with influences ranging from dark electro and industrial to classic rock ballads. Although it’s definitely not an excellent album (hardly above 7.5/10, but it isn’t bad for a debut release), and some people may be uncomfortable with the vocals, I’d agree with one of the reviewers on metal-archives.com: “Fans of the genre can add one point to the rating as they most likely will like the album. For us others it is an album quite pleasant to listen to, but not for a long time”. BTW, if you liked the electro/industrial aspect of this album, I’d suggest listening to another release by Satyrian – “The Dark Gift” EP, which features several remixes of the songs off this full-length, in more “electronic”/danceable manner. Download link for “Eternitas”, found in a random blog:

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